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*ndecent exposure: *nsync revealed


.top ten things the guys would say on a night alone with a girl.
10. "Wanna take a shower with me? It's been a week since I last took one." Chris
9. "It's not my fault we ran out of gas right in front of this Motel 6. I swear I don't know these three girls and I never told them to meet me here." Joey
8. "Are you crazy? We can't do it in here. This is a Mercedes." Justin
7. "Did I ever tell you I'm from the south and I like to visit there frequently *wink wink, nudge nudge*?" Lance
6. "I sleep with stuffed animals. Here's Pluto and here's Mickey and -- what did you say your name was...Minnie?" J.C.
5. "If you had Christmas on one thigh and Easter on the other, could I visit between holidays?" Joey
4. "My hair can be used for many things. Here, let me show you." Chris
3. "Of course I'm a virgin. I'm only 18 -- HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Justin
2. "Yeah, we got to be really close friends as the years passed. We're like a tag team." J.C. + Justin
1. "I swear there was some horseback riding place here...oh well. I guess we'll just have to ride something else." (Ride it, ride it, ride it...) Lance

Huge thanks to JoAnn from Pennsylvania for this list! *hugz*

.top ten fun things to do that will get you thrown out of an *nsync concert.
10. Bring a 40 oz. and down it all so that you don't "feel the pain" of *NSync "tearin' up your heart."
9. Chant, "Yes, yes, yes, here we go! Menudo's got the flow!"
8. When backstage, say, "So, Chris, Joey, Lance -- you must be pretty glad you weren't on that dumb, played out MMC show, huh?"
7. Scream in excrutiating pain, yelling over and over, "Oh, my God, oh, my God, I think I'm having an org!"
6. Scream from the front row, "Dammit, Joey, where the hell are my child support payments?"
5. Whip a bottle of water at Justin's face and see how fast you, your friends and the entire front row gets removed from there! Never mind the bodyguards -- the whole damn stadium would beat your ass!
4. Say to the guys, "So, Nick, Brian, Howie, A.J., and...wait a minute, you're not the BsB! Whoops! I'm dreadfully sorry. I seemed to have mistaken you for these five other guys from Orlando who sing and made their debut in Europe! My mistake."
3. Find out where Justin parked his Benz and pee on it.
2. Run up to a security guard, slap him and say, "You bastard, why do you have to be so damn fat? Youre in my way!!!"
1. Stand up on your chair, lift up your shirt above your head and introduce your "two best friends," "Jane and Jill" to *nsync and ten thousand other people.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Jen and Adam for helping me out with this list. You rock!

.top ten things you should never say to *nsync.
10. "Oh My God!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!! I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY!!! WILL YOU MARRY ME?" (And just watch those boys run like little mice...)
9. "So Joey, I hear you're from Brooklyn...are you really the Godfather of the Mob scene over there?" (Can anyone say "Good Fellas?")
8. "So...what kind of shampoo do you use, Chris?" (Whoops, I forgot...he doesn't use shampoo.)
7. "Say Lance, I know your horse died, but I can help heal you -- so you wanna ride me?"
6. "Hey Justin, J.C., can you sing the entire Mickey Mouse Club theme song for me? THAT SONG ROCKS!!!"
5. "Hey, J.C. -- pull my finger." (Uuhhh... okay.)
4. "...So in order for me to feel safe, I have to use the over-nighties with the wings. Because if I don't, a red river will run through my bed."
3. "Can I be your back-up dancer? I memorized all the dance moves from Vanilla Ice's cool music videos and his blockbuster movie!"
2. "I have to pee-pee really bad!" (Real attractive.)
1. "How big are you guys anyway?" (I was talking about their shoe sizes...what kind of dirty minds do you people have?! You should be ashamed of yourselves!)

Thanks to Julie from Brooklyn, NY for writing this list!

.top ten sleaziest pick-up lines you will never hear from *nsync.
10. "My hair glows in the dark... wanna go up to my hotel room and see for yourself?" Justin
9. "Ride it, ride it, ride it...giddy up, giddy up. And I'm not talking about horses, if you know what I mean..." Lance
8. "You're only 16? Damn. Too bad we're not in Kentucky right now." Chris
7. "Are those real?" Joey
6. "Go ahead and run your fingers through my hair -- oh wait, forget about it. I haven't showered in a week." Chris
5. "Sorry about the pregnancy. I'll be more careful this time." Joey
4. "Lick me." J.C. (Where the heck did that come from? It's so hard to think of lines for that squeaky clean fella.)
3. "Veronica who?" Justin
2. "Yup, that's right -- I do bring my video camera everywhere. And I have all the tapes to prove it... here's Bambi, here's Donna, here's Cindy... wanna be the next in my collection?" Joey
1. "Aw, come on -- it's not like you always get the chance to spank an albino." Lance

This is the only list that was written entirely by Lenina. We're both sort of lazy about these things. They really rack your brain, you know.

.top ten things you might hear coming from bsb's tour bus.
10. "Nick, do you really need ANOTHER hamburger?" Brian
9. "AJ, your hair dye is all over my favorite white shirt!" Nick
8. "Uh, Kevin, I found your eyebrow tweezers you were missing." Howie
7. "Ok, Howie, that's the last time I find your hair in my cereal!" Kevin
6. "Nick, your Mary Kay lady gave me your foundation to hold for you." A.J.
5. "Howie, come here, I have to cut that damn finger of yours off." Kevin
3. "A.J., stop humping the chair." Brian
2. ""OH...MY...GOD! SPIDER!!!" Howie
1. "Yo Kev...can I have some tips on working out? You are soo...buff. Teehee." Nick

Hey, hey, hey! *ndecent's first BsB top ten list. Thanks so much to CAT5454 and TimberSuga for writing it.

.top ten things you can't help but notice while watching *n the mix.
10. When Joey is talking about how one of the choreographers taught them pop-locking dance moves, his elbow does a little pop-locking thing itself.
9. Chris' "crazy" habits. Spinning records and chillin', now THOSE are crazy!
8. The screaming Lance Girl. If she screams, "I love Lance!" one more time, my hands are gonna be around her neck faster than she can yell, "Help, Lance!"
7. Will someone please tell me the point of dressing like a whore at a concert? What exactly do you think the guys are gonna do? Go up to you and say, "Take me!"?
6. In the interview portion of the Disney part, when it is Lance's turn, what do you see staring you in the face? That's right, a horse's ass! How many of you were waiting for the horse to take one big dump on camera?
5. Hey, J.C., can use your hands any more when you talk?!
4. What was up with Joey's belt during the first performance when they were in the black pants and white shirts? Did he just get off the toilet, or is it me?
3. Now, to me Chris looks like he is in pain when they were performing. I don't know, maybe the fact that he is inching towards the big 3-0 is slowly getting to him.
2. How many shades of blonde was Justin's hair? Just decide on one color and keep it there!
1. The girl who said "Tearin' Up THE Heart." If the song means so freakin' much to you, you can at least get the name right!

This list was also sent in by CAT5454 and TimberSuga. Thanks a bunch, chicas!

.top ten signs of life after the mickey mouse club.
10. You realize that cancellation of the lamest show ever is NOT the end of your "career."
9. Every time you hear the MMC theme song, you run screaming in the other direction.
8. The tabloids are still romantically linking you to other ex-members.
7. You're not afraid of mice anymore, they just piss you off.
6. You still refer to Fridays as "Hall-of-Fame" day.
5. After extensive therapy, you can bring yourself to look at Disney characters.
4. You go on become famous in the pop music/acting world.
3. You burn almost all humiliating pictures of dumb stuff you did on the show...only to have several of the ones you missed circulate the internet for the next several years.
2. After intense, painful and repeated plastic surgery, the permanent smile is finally removed from your face.
1. When you become famous for cooler stuff, you can look back on MMC and call it "one of the greatest experiences" of your life. But everyone knows you're lying.

This list (and many, many more!) are from Courtney. Don't worry, hun, I'm still not sick of seeing your addy in my inbox. ;o)

.top ten tentative song titles for *nsync's new album.
10. "We Have No Time (For Girlfriends or Social Lives)" (TransCon's mantra set to song)
9. Insert song with "Crazy" in the title here.
8. "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" (J-Dawg Beat Box re-mix)
7. "Unbelievably Larger Than Life" (A tribute to the fans)
6. "Jazz Versions" (arranged by J.C. Chasez)
5. Insert song with "Crazy" in the title here.
4. "The Lance Song: 'Cause He's From Mississippi" (featuring Brooks & Dunn)
3. Insert song with "Crazy" in the title here.
2. "I Still Really, Really Want You Back A Lot"
1. "Giddy Up II: Just Keep On Riding"

Good heavens! Amy wrote a top ten list all by herself! *beaming with pride* Who knows, maybe in another, say, four months, I can come up with another.

.top ten things *nsync would say if they ever visited *ndecent.
10. "What da hell dey be talkin' 'bout? I ain't be actin' black yo! Boo ya!" Justin
9. "I don't always say where I'm from and...*gasp*...*sniffle* they *hiccup, sob* made fun of Toby! *bawl* They just made fun of me 'cause I'm from Mississippi. *sniffle* I think I need a hankie." Lance
8. "Hey, this girl is funny! I could use some of this stuff when I quit the group and perfom on Def Comedy Jam." Chris
7. "I'm hungry." Joey
6. "Hmm, I like this website. Amy calls me squeaky-clean! Boy, I'm glad I'm not Lance right now." J.C.
5. "Dis Amy girl be whack, yo! She doesn't dig me? I be the crunkest boooy wit da phatest ride!" Justin
4. "I wish Lenina was still here...she liked me. She even adopted my spleen. *sigh* Oh well, maybe Amy can give me some makeup advice." ;o) Lance
3. "I liiiike the webmaster. Very articulate as well as amusing. I think I'm in love. Perhaps I should e-mail her." *hint hint* J.C.
2. "What does she mean I'm not funny? I am so very funny that it's like not even funny! I mean, yes, it is funny! Justin, am I funny?" (Justin is unavailable for comment...he is playing b-ball while waiting for the wax to dry on the Benzinater.) Chris
1. "Hey! Why am I the only one with an unfinished bio?!" Joey

Thanks to Courtney again for helping me come up with some things for this list.

.top ten questions to ask the guys if you met them.
10. "Hey, Chris...what do you think about the fact that you are old enough to be a father to some of your fans?"
9. "Justin, if you're so hot and popular, how come you're 'single and ready to mingle?'"
8. "Hey, J.C., how do you feel about being the lead singer of the group? If you guys had to rename *nsync, would you call it J.C. Chasez and the Other Four Guys That Don't Sing Much?"
7. "Lance, when you have you noticed your striking resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres? Is so, does the situation make you physically ill?"
6. "Joey, I gotta ask you a question: What would you do if a girl actually liked you after you hit on her?"
5. "Justin, what would you do if Chris's dog left you a present in your Benz?"
4. "Chris, how long has it been since you last washed your hair? This is for posterity, so please, be honest."
3. "I was just wondering, is it your secret lifelong ambition to be a composer, J.C.? Because I've been watching your live "I Drive Myself Crazy" performances and your freakish arm gestures are sort of weirding me out."
2. "Hey, Lance, I just have to come out and ask you: Are you gay? If no, then just explain your attraction to Topanga instead."
1. "Joey, when you guys were in Europe and Lance looked even more like a girl than he does now, did you ever feed him one of your pick-up lines by accident?"

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